Cavalier Agency's mission is to spread agency to communities by helping organizations, brands, individuals, and movements actualize agency. We do this by managing exigence, information, and ideas by leveraging media, advocacy, and strategic activations.
Agency is the end, Cavalier is the means.
At Cavalier Agency, we believe that an entity should have the opportunity to realize agency in the modern age. Everyone has a right to the ability to act upon their environment. We will never work to deprive an entity of agency. Cavalier Agency believes that agency in the modern age is realized by two things:
 1. A basic understanding of Media Literacy, Access to institutions & Information Security, and
2. Ability to use that understanding to create media, contain information and participate in civic engagement

Furthering this cause is the Agency Imperative. 

Information is the raw material Cavalier works with. We harness the power of insights and curiosity to transform raw information into attention, exigence, and action. 
To craft our solutions, Cavalier Agency Draws from multiple disciplines. 
Game Theory 
Media Psychology
Strategic Communication  
Once we define our constraints, we take advantage of any liberty that will further our cause. 
At Cavalier Agency, Creativity is the strategy, and that is our advantage.
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